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Sweeney Todd tour.

Miracle on 34th Street, Ocean State Theatre Company, December 2013

“The emotional dance between Megan Wheeler’s Doris and Jeffrey Funaro’s Fred is a joy to watch, even with its campy 1940s Hollywood sensibility.”

    -Channing Gray, Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Jeffrey Funaro is recently retired marine, turned attorney Fred Gaily. He is a man who is sentimental and nostalgic in many ways. Funaro is charming in the role, easy going and friendly, very appealing. He is excellent in his duet with Susan, “My Wish” and later in his solo, “Look Little Girl.”

    -Richard Pacheco, Live Theatre in Massachusetts & Rhode Island, New Bedford, MA

“[Megan] Wheeler is terrific as the jaded divorcee, Doris, who learns to let down her guard, and Jeffrey Funaro is equally charming as her bachelor neighbor, Fred. As each other’s love interest, both actors make cute to the audience’s benefit, and [Brigid] Fitzgerald shines as Susan, their unwitting matchmaker.”

    -Christoper Verleger, EDGE Boston, Providence, RI

“Funaro and Wheeler bring to the reluctant lovers a spark of spontaneity frequently missing in American musicals; they make the sparks fly in numbers like “My Wish” and “Look, Little Girl,” the latter being a bit sexist to be sure, but if taken in the context of the times is it less problematic and most enjoyable.”

    -David Christner, Newport Mercury, Newport, RI

“Jeffrey Funaro as Fred Gaily, tries to bring joy into Susan’s life. He has a strong baritone voice and he sings “My Wish” with little Susan, “Look, Little Girl” to Doris and “She Hadda Go Back” with the Marine buddies. This latter song is reminiscent of “Sadder but Wiser Girl from “Music Man”.

    -Tony Annicone, Little Rhody Theater, Providence, RI

Man of La Mancha, Capital Repertory Theatre, November-December 2011

“Many of the performers do double and triple duty, singing, dancing and playing instruments on stage.  Jeffrey Funaro, for example, one of the prisoners, has skills as a trumpet player as well as vocal chops and dance moves.”

    -Paul Lamar, Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY

Mack & Mabel, Broward Stage Door Theatre, August-September 2010

“Jeffrey Funaro is perfect as the slick and handsome William Desmond Taylor - able to convey pretentiousness with the mere utterance of the word ‘darling.’”

       -John Lariviere, Talkin’ Broadway, Southern Florida

The Drowsy Chaperone, Broward Stage Door Theatre, June-July 2010

“Jeffrey Funaro has the good looks and the voice to hang the leading man kudos on.  If possible, he is a little bit too good looking.  And he roller skates comically and skillfully.”

        -Jerry Layton, Curtain Calls, Coral Springs, FL

“Jeffrey Funaro plays the role of the groom Robert Martin exactly as intended.  Robert is supposed to be a somewhat plastic matinee idol, and it is refreshing to see someone actually get the role right.”

        -John Lariviere, Talkin’ Broadway, Southern Florida

“This easily ranks as the best work that Stage Door has produced in years.”

        -Bill Hirschmann, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Disney's Beauty & The Beast, Mac-Haydn Theatre, July 2009

"Jeffrey Funaro is wonderful as Lumiere, the French butler turned candlestick."

-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus, Berkshires, MA

"The candlestick [is] perfectly French… that ultimate song of service, "Be Our Guest," [is a] particular standout."

-Matthew G. Moross, Daily Gazette, Schenectday, NY

"Jeffrey Funaro [et al.] are all proven Mac-Haydn talents, and they are fun to watch… Be Our Guest is the big tour-de-force production number, and it is astounding."

-Gail M. Burns,, Albany, NY

High Society, Mac-Haydn Theatre, May 2009

"Just One Of Those Things as sung by Dexter in the second act does make some emotional sense, and it's very sweetly sung by Jeffrey Funaro."

-J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus, Berkshires, MA

The Music Man, Round Barn Theatre, June 2008

"The always-anticipated school board quartet (here played by David Smith, Jeffrey Funaro (great deadpan!), Anthony Easterwood and J.D. Simper) were equally successful in blending their voices for several of the show's best numbers: "Goodnight, Ladies," "Sincere," and "Lida Rose."'

-Marcia Fulmer, Marquee, South Bend, IN

The Music Man, Mac-Haydn Theatre, August 2007

"…the barbershop quartet, which was excellent, by the way, and was rounded out with David Purdy, Matthew Johnson, Jamison Foreman, and Jeffrey Funaro.  I think having the bickering school board of River City suddenly morph into a world-class barbershop quartet is one of Willson's most brilliant inventions.  Often real barbershop groups are hired to play the roles, but here the Mac has corralled and trained four of their own talented young men into a delightful ensemble."

-Gail M. Burns,, Albany, NY

White Christmas, Mac-Haydn Theatre, July 2007

"Jeffrey Funaro as the laconic Ezekial Foster and Whitney Lee as the frenetic stage manager Mike are both hilarious, and their "Vermont marriage" at the end was a fun touch."

-Gail M. Burns,, Albany, NY